Wind Beneath Their Wings

Partnering with Storm Operatives to launch their aviation startup into the stratosphere.

The Task At Hand

Consisting of dedicated individuals, passionate about procuring and delivering aviation spares and parts, Storm Operatives is one of the leading aviation spares and procurement companies in South Africa. The company serves both regional and international markets with key clients in South Africa, Namibia, Egypt and beyond. Creating a brand identity that would appeal to and link a global network of manufacturers and clients was of paramount importance. Storm Operatives approached AD Agency with an outlook to establish corporate marketing solutions that would lead to the brand launch and sustained growth of the company. From inception to date, this partnership continues and we’ve seen Storm Operatives scale exponentially.

Our Interventions

– Brand Strategy                             – User Experience

– User Interface                              – Digital Design

– Metrics & Analytics                     – Search Engine Optimization

– Site Maintenance

Problem Statement

The aviation industry is a highly competitive space that has seen exponential growth in the past decades. Suppliers for maintenance and replacement parts have also increased as a result. Storm Operatives aimed to bring in a tailored and uniquely African model by ordering parts specific to local aviation needs. Their direct-to-client sales model required a highly targeted corporate marketing solution – specifically to accurately communicate their unique value proposition – a well segmented parts supplier. The fact that most of the products they procure and sell are priced at a premium meant they had to unequivocally illustrate the value they would bring to the client.

Our Intervention
  • Comprehensive corporate marketing solution, a go-to strategy
  • Theme advantages are pixel perfect design & clear code delivered
  • Present your services with flexible, convenient and multipurpose
  • Draw insights from site traffic and sales performance for onward reporting
  • Making recommendations for brand campaigns and media planning
Reaching The Target Market
Market Insights & Targeting

Our intervention had to have the capacity to cater to an international market and have the capability to effect a seamless client experience, wherever they are .. in the world. Clean lines, minimalist detailing and sparing use of colour were employed. This was done to give a straightforward user experience, in a space where a sizeable number of the client base is mature. 

Building Tech To Complement Existing Assets
Timely Implementation

The client needed a blend of touchpoints with their clients, covering both conventional and online channels. Compromising the functionality by taking their business online was not an option. We created a full website experience that was clear and aesthetically pleasing. Booking, quoting and contact capabilities were all part of the offering. 

Clear Skies Ahead
Taking Social by Storm
Social media interventions are in the short term plans for the brand.
Creating working systems
AD Agency currently manages the client's CRM and sales funnels.
Getting The Word Out
We are consistently creating content to distribute on various channels.